I’m Resourcd. Are you?

I’m Resourcd. Are you?

What’s Resourcd?

Six years ago in October 2007 we started a fledgling resource sharing site called PsychExchange.co.uk with the idea of helping teachers help teachers and create an amazing community where the sharing of ideas, videos and resources was made possible.  Over the following years we have created more of these communities for Sociology, PE, Science, Law, Health and Social Care and Film and Media.  These have provided to be just as successful and full of teachers sharing.

We are thrilled to announce that as of Easter 2013 we will be combining all of the sites into one exciting community of over 200,000 users who have uploaded almost 20,000 resources and shared 5 million files. This new community is called resourcd and will be found at resourcd.com.

What does this mean for you?

From Easter you will need to update any bookmarks for the exchange site that you visit to resourcd.com. All of your comments, files, videos and ideas will be moved across and you will be able to log in with the same details that you have always used.  On your first visit to the site you can choose the subjects that you are interested – that way if you only teach Psychology you won’t be bombarded with Law and PE files, and as a Science teacher you don’t have to see all the Psychology and Health and Social Care resources.

For our current PLUS! members, as a big thank you for your support over the years, you will get community wide access to all of the PLUS! features for the duration of your membership for no extra cost. Thanks!

The new stuff …

Along with all the usual things that you know-and-love about your exchange site we will also have a new blog with teaching ideas, reviews, discussions and features, an updated design and loads of extra features across the site especially for the PLUS! members.

I want to be Resourcd.

If you are interested in writing for the new Resourcd blog, either a large feature article or a small ‘thought of the day’ then do get in-touch. For every feature article that we publish we will send you a £10 amazon gift certificate as a thank you and it is a great way to get your name out there to a massive community of teachers.  For more information on writing for us either email moc.dcruosernull@golb.


We are social so follow us on twitter and facebook to get the most up-to-date information on the changes and when we are going live. Find us on Twitter @imresourcd or like us on facebook.com/resourcd to keep up-to-date with Resourcd.

3 Comments I’m Resourcd. Are you?

  1. Dorothy Coombs

    Wishing you the very best of luck with your new venture Jamie, on behalf of all our members at the ATP!!

  2. Lynn Massey-Davis

    Thank you for your help so far and I have been both a contributor and user of both sociology and psychexchange. However, I am a bit upset about the new adverts which have appeared which include invitations to contact young girls (teenage girls who look to be of Asian origin with pig tails) for a date etc… This isn’t very PC and completely at odds with sociology as a discipline!

  3. Jamie

    With the google ads that we have on the site the content is not controlled by us but a result of a combination of the page content but mainly the individual users previous browsing history across the internet which you as a user can opt-in or out of per google ads policy (this is not just on resourcd but on millions of sites across the internet).


    We would never sanction adverts of that kind and if you are able to let us know the company we are able to block ads for certain companies – as we also do for coursework selling sites and other plagiarism sites so as not to encourage students who use the site to use them.


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