Omnifocus Daily Task Email with Flagged, Inbox and Context options

Omnifocus Daily Task Email with Flagged, Inbox and Context options

I’ve been using Omnifocus as my task manager for almost a year on the mac and iOS. Working in a sixth form college where all the machines are Windows I wanted a way to easily see what tasks were on my list for that day without having to get an iOS device out.

Like many, the first thing I check in the morning is my email, and, better still, email is something that I could access on a Windows machine. The one thing that I wished was available was the ability to have a daily digest email of the tasks that I need to complete that day. I started to investigate the options out there that didn’t involve migrating away from omnifocus.

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The daily HTML email.

There are a couple of scripts around the internet that aim to provide some of this functionality. However, none of these fitted what I wanted from a daily digest email and my wishlist included the ability to list:

  • outstanding actions by project
  • actions due that day by project
  • flagged actions
  • any actions that had my ASAP context (I use this as a step down from ‘flagged’ must be done)
  • my Inbox actions that need processing

My Daily Email Script

Using the scripts by Ben Waldie (via Engadget) and Ben Brooks (via Brooksreview) as a starting point, I have put together a script that does all of the above and sends it out in a relatively pretty HTML email.

This is the first applescript that I’ve written. I’m much more at home in PHP so I can’t make any promises that it will work for everyone, or that it is the best way to achieve the above. But it works. I have uploaded the script to github where anyone can download it, improve on it, or just use it to get the daily email.

The main features of the script are that it lists:

  • flagged messages with due date
  • inbox tasks with due date
  • outstanding and due today tasks by project with notes if there (length of note can be limited)
  • tasks in any named context (context can be named)

There are a few options on the script so that you can choose what you want to be sent out in the daily email. Hopefully this will save a few others some time. All you need to do is set up your mac to trigger the script daily. There are a few options for this, from using iCal to trigger the script, to third party software. I’ll let you decide which way is best for you.

If you use it, let me know how it works. If you find any bugs, let me know and I’ll try to fix them and if you improve it, share it.githubLink


When I run the script the email message isn’t coming through:

  • it could be an issue with the mail settings. This page might help.
  • you might also need to set up postfix to use Gmail SMTP settings – there is a project here to help (thanks to Barbaros for this).


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